Power crisis hits industries baldy

KUMARHATTI: The dry weather condition has worsened the power crisis in twin industrial belts of Baddi –Barotiwala-Nalagarh and Parwanoo. The helpless HP Electricity Board having limited alternatives to come up the situation has forced to impose five to six hours daily cut in belt.

The power supply in belt was believed to be 35 to 40 percent short of general demand. The routine power load required at Baddi and Barotiwala areas were 150 mw and 140 mw respectively. The Parwanoo industries load was covered under Barotiwala.

The prime reason behind power shortage was less flow of water in rivers due to severe cold condition and lack of rain. Moreover the Punjab and Haryana failure to give power to state has further added to power woes.

As per banking system provision between April to October the state gives power to Punjab and Haryana. However the Punjab and Haryana provide power to state from November to March.

Meanwhile the industries have expressed dismay over Electricity Board failure to counter the power crisis during winter. Ironically never ever in state history such type of power cuts was imposed, pointed out the Baddi based industrialists.

They said that the power cuts have resulted in severe losses to units who were unable to carry out their work to meet their targets.

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