New Government Puts A Question Mark On Himalayan Ski Village Project

Shimla: With a change of guard in Himachal Pradesh governance, the new BJP has questioned the basis of setting up the Himalayan Ski Village without adhering to transparency, not having obtained the clearance of the defence ministry, the impact such a large project would have on the environment and the culture of the sensitive Kullu valley.

Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal told media persons today that the governments primary concern would be the environment and cultural impact such a project would have.

He said that while allotting a prime site to the Himalayan Ski Village project in Kullu-Manali valley, norms had not been adhered to. Global bids for the project were not sought and only one proposal was considered, which appeared arbitrary, he said.

The government would take into account what was best suited for the state while considering giving out a project of this type, he added.

The Himalayan Ski Village had become a controversial project ever since it was proposed for the BJP has opposed it from the out start, citing various reasons including that such a project close to an international border was a national security threat.

The project has been put forth by Alfred Ford, a scion of famous Ford family of America, founders and owners of the Ford Motor Company. The company had initially proposed to invest about $ 300 million dollars to set up a world class winter resort, complete with gondolas, snow making machines, private air strip, chalets, five star accommodation and a handicraft mart.

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  1. says: Vishu

    Why is it that they have to change the policies of previous government whenever a new party comes to power? I think this project has the potential of creating many new jobs for the locals. It will also help in promoting tourism in the state. $300 million is a lot of money. I am not biased towards any political party but the interests of the state and people should have topmost priority.

  2. says: Yogesh namdev

    Our politics is really dirty….!!! because of the politics the wonderful project of Ski village which will put India and Himachal on the world map and create a lot of jobs to locals…!!! there are many ski villages in Europe and people are also careful about the nature not like in India people throwing plastic all around in the nature…these politicien will never do any thing to clean the plastic but yes stop the nice project of progress and prosperety…..!!!
    may be thats why India is is not developing….I hope our ugly and dirty politics will think about the country then being selfish…….shame on you politiciens…

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