First Fire then Snow increased the discomfort of Malana villagers in Himachal

Mandi: First it was a devastating fire to burn over 150 houses in Malana village of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh two days back and now it is snow which is increasing the discomfort of the fire victims. The victims are suffering alot but they seem to be more worried about providing shelter to their cattle.

However, Chief Minister Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal has announced Rs. 3 crore for initial relief and rehabilitation.

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  1. That is some awesome footage about the tragedy that has struck these simple folks living in harmony with the harsh environment.

    Fire and Snow has destroyed a lifestyle that enjoyed unique isolation over the centuries while marauding armies plundered and destroyed many kingdoms.

    Yash, you have done a tremendous job to bring out the misery the people of Malana are facing.

    After all, their life is not all about ‘Malana Cream.’

  2. says: Nitin Nayyar

    Only a true himachal lover will understand the pain and misery of the malana residents may god bless them and please let us know if their is a fund where i can contribute for the same.
    a very brave effort for making that video.
    we are with you malana.

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