Jain Seeks Action Against Anand Sharma For Terming BJP As ‘Godse’s Party’

Shimla: Taking offence to being branded as Nathu Ram Godse’s Party, the BJP today asked the Election Commission to take strict against congress party and its leader Anand Sharma for vitiating the political atmosphere and trying to flare up communal tension.

At a conference call Satpal Jain, BJP incharge for Himachal said the Election Commission needs to take note of the utterances by union minister of state for external affairs, Anand Sharma who has called BJP as Godse’s party.

Such utterances are highly provocative, objectionable and a violation of the law, which should not go unnoticed, said Jain.

Pointing out the numerous code of conduct violations made by the ruling congress party and chief minister Virbhadra Singh the BJP leader sought that the Election Commission issue a final warning to the erring party.

Should congress continue to violate the election code of conduct, the Election Commission needs to derecognize the party and debar its candidates from the election process, said Jain.

“Overstepping the Election Commission directives was a direct affront to the constitutional body,” he said adding that the chief minister and the congress government was still using objectionable language against the functioning of the election commission.

Jain said that where Narendra Modi the Gujarat chief minister was served notice and asked to reply within three days about the contents of a speech, the uttering of congress leaders in Himachal warranted more serious action.

Talking about the computer ‘hard disk’ issue, he said, “it was hard to understand why chief minister Virbhadra Singh have been five years in power had failed to get the contentious disk investigated.”

“Clearly the chief minister is only trying to reap political dividends on an issue which smacks of hypocrisy,” he said.

Taking the congress to task for failing to come out with it manifesto, Jain said, “ they have nothing new to offer as they failed to live upto their election promises of the last election.”

“For us, the manifesto is a matter of conviction and the party will do everything to fulfill the agenda that is laid out for the development of the state, said Jain.

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  1. says: Ajay Sharma

    I think Mr. Anand Sharma really does not know what is he talking. I feel it is absurd to bring Nathu Ram Godse in this. It is not correct to go on telling one sided story. Let Godse’s philosophy be made public and let the people of India decide about him or just do not refer to him at all.

    Ecomonist and colleague of Dr. Manmohan Signh and Mr Montek Singh Alhuwalia, Mr Gurcharan Das, in his book `INDIA UNBOUND’ has very beautifully described what Nehurivian Policy has done to India. Thanks to Unsung, Mr Narsinha Rao who had guts to break the shackles and opt for Libralisation of Economy in India. Little bit of India what we see today, is the result of that bold step.

    Let Central Govt. lift the ban from `THE REMINISCENCES OF NEHRU AGE’ by Mr OM Mathai.

  2. says: Rivesh

    Vote politics has resulted in sustaining a casteiest society and pseudo secular ideology. Policy of appeasement had thrown the national pride to backstage. Post mandal movement snatched the vote bank in UP and Bihar and party started using crutches. Now only opportunists without any ideology are mainly left there for the better reasons known to them. Lack of an ideology can never produce a leader in the country. The whole of country know this. Power brokers who never faced elections cannot understand democracy.
    Now the people of modern India understand all this, particularly the majority Hindu community. But their realization should not be taken as an insecurity by the minority as there is rule of law in India. Off course other parties may try to inculcate more fears in them.
    Increasing popularity of leaders like Modi is an important indication towards it. It is the only hope that can transform the Indian system that is still struggling with basic minimum needs’ provision to all people, not to think of a civilized developed economy. Congress has now nothing left but to level Modi as communal and his party as Godse’s party.

  3. says: NITYIN

    Sorry, majority among the Hindus are not allowed to enter places of worship, take water from the village wells used by the (so called) superior class and can’t have a normal marriage cermony with band baja

    The views mentioned above could be of educated, english speaking, superior class people but does not translate for the silent majority of the Hindus.

    For Gujarat, please add another angle to the whole story – money. The fight there has been to control the trade and business on streets and Modi grabbed the opportunity and finished the opponent traders. Rest as they say, Aatte ke saath ghun bhi pis gaya

  4. says: Ajay Sharma

    I come from a village in HP and I m yet to see anyone being prohobited from entering into temples irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Also thanks to EX-CM Mr Shanta Kumar, people hardly go to wells for water. His initiative to provide water at doorsteps have been very successful. Further, his this policy has been carried forward by the following governments too , therefore more and more people are able to get water at their doorsteps. So question of preventing anyone to fetch water from any WELL is just irrevelant.

    In Himachal, CLASS factor does not play any role at all.

    Secondly, why make Modi a scapegoat. Who is responsible for all this? It is the same NEHRUVIAN policy. For majority of Post Independence Era, Congress has ruled over India. It is the Congress who made hero out of him not BJP. What has so called RAJA, Mr Virbhadra has done to Himachal in recent past? Hasn’t the contractors favrouring him, flourished? Why does he still like to call himself Raja and his wife Rani? Is he still living in pre-indepence India?

    Where was Mr Anaad Sharma till yesterday? How could he become minister? Has he ever been associated with the development of HP? Is he not into bussiness?

    Your money angle is quite relevant but not only for Modi but almost all of the politicians otherwise why should they push their wards also into politics. If they really want to serve people, they shouldn’t have been fighting for tickets and when denied ticket, they shouldn,t have been defecting the parties.

  5. says: NITYIN


    My comment was not to vindicate Anand Sharma’s statement but to this statement Now the people of modern India understand all this, particularly the majority Hindu community.

    Commenting on Virbhadra Singh and Prof Dhumal would be of no use as they represent two sides of the same coin. Class system is there in Himachal and one just needs to look around and in my part of the world it is very brutal.

  6. says: Rakesh

    What I dislike most about people in our country is self praise and ideal speeches. The effectiveness in action on their or representatives’ part is missing. We preach too much but satisfy our egos even by castiest surnames like Raja saab, kanwar saab, sharma ji and so on. In my region in upper Shimla valley, economic conditions of so called higher caste people is worst than anyone else. But unfortunately no one cries for that as we are all great philanthropists, feminists and secular.
    There is a long way to develop a civilized and secured society and compare ourselves to the people living in developed world. But we also have a habit of remaining contented by criticizing the development and society of developed country after all “ours is very rich culture and we need not follow west and so on……….
    For how long will we live in this dualism that is a question for everyone to think before preaching idealism.

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