If Congress Loses, BJP To Seek Dissolution Of Assembly

Shimla: The BJP, buoyant by the Gujarat win, has planned to ask the governor to dislodge the Virbhadra Singh government, should congress losses the state assembly election but decide to continue in office till the end of its term,

Party incharge for Himachal, Satyapal Jain at a conference call said that BJP gracefully asks the chief minister to resign, should the ruling party suffer defeat in the elections.

“It would be better if the chief minister gracefully resigns at the end of a long political career and not stick to power, if he loses the election,” said Jain while responding to Virbhadra Singh’s statement that the present legislative assembly intends to complete its allotted term, no matter what the electoral mandate emerges at the count on 28th December.

Jain who is head of BJP’s legal cell said that the Governor had powers to dissolve a state assembly. “Like Gujarat if BJP does get the people’s mandate in Himachal, which is very likely, the party would approach the governors’ office and seek dissolution of the assembly so that the newly elected one can take over,” he said.

On the occasion Jain also disclosed that the newly elected BJP legislators are scheduled to meet on 29th December so as to elect the legislative party’s leader.

In response to congressman and cabinet minister Sat Mahajan having petitioned before the courts that the counting process be postponed till the present assembly completes its term, Jain said that if the court decides to take up the matter BJP would move an application seeking to be made a party to the petition.

“The party is preparing a strategy to challenge the contention of holding up the poll count, which senior congressman Sat Mahajan has reportedly sought from the courts,” said Jain.

Last election to the state assembly was held in February 2003, and the present government assumed office on 6th March,2003. Holding of a December poll, three months before the government completes its term has caused uncertainty in political and executive circles, with the chief minister Virbhadra Singh reiterating that even though the congress is returning to power, the present government will complete its full term.

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