CPI(M) Will Protect Poor Man’s Interest – Karat

Shimla: The CPI(M) will not allow the UPA Government to adopt any anti-poor decisions, Prakash Karat, CPI(M) national general secretary stated here today.

Speaking at an election meeting Karat said other than supporting the national government the party was playing an effective role in protecting the interests of the poor people.

Karat also asserted that the communist party would ensure that the government did not take any decision that was against the interests of the country.

Karat here to campaign for Sanjay Chauhan for the Shimla seat said ”The CPI(M) assures countrymen that we will not allow the UPA government to take any decision which will harm the interest of the poor, workers, government employees and petty traders.”

Talking about the contentious nuclear deal, he said, “as it was not in the interest of the country, the party has decided not to allow the government to sign a nuclear agreement with the United States.

”The party will ensure that the UPA government does not take any decision that was against our interests till the end of its term in 2009,” he said.

Critical of the taxing policies, he said that waving off the 10 per cent properties tax has caused a loss to the exchequer as this amount could have been used to fund several
welfare schemes..

While the number of billionaires in the country was rising, the poor in the country were becoming more poorer, as the government was only safeguarding the interests of the rich, said Karat.

Expressing the party’s opposition for opening up of the banking and insurance sector to foreign companies and allowing big houses entry into the retail sector, he said it would against the interests of the small traders and retailers.

He said that CPM opposed to foreign direct investment in educational institutions as it would lead to commercialization of education and get it out of the reach for the common man.

Holding the successive BJP and Congress state governments for failing to live up to the peoples expectations he said they had only exploited the people for selfish

Karat charged BJP leader LK Advani of attempting to vitiate the peaceful environment of the state by saying that once the party was voted to power Himachal would be made into another Gujarat.

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  1. says: Ashutosh

    Mr karat,
    Do not give this gyan to Himachalis. Go and make the things right in your state first where the people are being tormented and killed by CPI goons.
    Your evil designs on Himachal will never succeed.

  2. Poor man;s interests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a joke Mr Karat…………………

    When did CPI(M) started caring about the poor. All they care is about the unions/ goondaism in unions and everything stops there.

    After independence, West Bengal and Kerala were one of the most industrialized states, but today, almost 99% of the industries have closed their shops in these states and the credit to goons of Mr. Karat.

    CPI(M) has been seriously protecting the interests of poor men by eliminating them, the examples of Singur and Nandigram are in front of us.
    Thanks to the vigilant media that we know the truth about these communists and their ideology which is ridden with violence and discrimination.

  3. says: Sreekumar

    All of you , who associate Mr Prakash Karat with happenings of Nandigram should remember it was entirely the fault of the policies of Buddhadev. Darling of all CPI-m baiters. He was who all of the country would have loved to have at the CPI-M helm. Karat was against SEZ policy. Buddha, the poster boy of the capitalists, pushed for it.
    That someone , who is universally recognized as honest , uncompromising , and dedicated to his ideals should be so hated, is not very surprising. It just shows how comfortable we are with corrupt, unscrupulous, power hungry and dynastic oriented politicians. We love politicians who modify their color, stripes and spots to be in consonance with the majority view. Is that democracy ? Or is democracy , the aligning of differing ideas on a common platform.
    We need not one but a thousand Prakash Karats. In every hue of the political spectrum.People who are dedicated to their vision of the country and how it should be run. The ideas they espouse will give you the direction. Choose your road at will. Change directions on any issue as you like. But please be thankful for the unwavering signposts, that gives shape to the diverse political landscape we have. They will tell you were you stand and where you need to go. If not for the oaks , the choice would be to bend along with the millions grass blades, leaders and followers , before the strongest wind that blows. No other Choices.

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