Congress Has Nothing New To Offer – Satpal Jain

Shimla: Dismissing the congress manifesto as a ‘white paper of betrayal’, Satpal Jain, BJP campaign incharge for Himachal today said that the ruling party had nothing to offer.

He said that manifesto released today only marked failures of the congress government for the set of electoral commitments proposed were only a redraft of what the party had come forth with in the last elections.

Jain asked the congress party to first come out with a statement on what commitments made to the people before the last election had been fulfilled by the party.

A ruling party seeks a vote on its performance and achievements but the Virbhadra Singh government has nothing to show to the people, said Jain.

“Today’s congress manifesto is a repeat of the manifesto which the party drew up in 2003 and clearly shows that all promises made then remain unfulfilled,” said Jain.

He said that it was astonishing that GS Bali, once an high profile minister in the Virbhadra Singh government was seeking CRPF security for conduct of free and fair elections in Nagrota Bagwain constituency.

It appears that Bali, the high profile congress candidate, has lost faith in his own government,” said Jain.

He claimed that the BJP had full faith in the election machinery deployed and would not mind whether the CRPF, the BSF of the Army was called in to conduct of the elections for the people had already made their choice known.

Reacting to Anand Sharma’s, minister for state for External Affairs, statements about the political battle between Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals and Godse’s, Jain said that congress’s secular credentials were dubious.

“The UPA government accommodates a minister elected from the Muslim League, a non-secular party which was responsible for partition of India,” he said. For power, the congress could go to any extend, he added.

‘Congress ditched the IK Gujral government in 1999 because it did not want to support a coalition that had any truck with DMK, the regional party from Tamilnadu because its role in sheltering LTTE was alleged to have led to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
For the sake of power, congress was now in coalition the same party which it had once vehemently opposed, said Jain.

Jain accused the congress and UPA government being soft towards perpetrators of terrorist acts. “One of the convicts of the attack on Parliament has been awarded a death sentence vetted by the highest court in the land, yet the Manmohan Singh government is hesitant to carry out the order,” he said.

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