Congress Positions To Make Himachal A Knowledge Hub

Congress Manifesto

Shimla: The Congress manifesto that was released today admitted the growing problem of unemployment in the state and proposed an unemployment allowance for tackling the issue.

Other electoral promises included increasing the age of retirement, constructing the Bahnupalli-Bilaspur railway line, setting up of an IIT, a central university and converting the state into a knowledge hub.

Officially the manifesto was released by chief minister Virbhadra Singh at Dharamshala, early today and the party assured the people that should congress return to power, improved governance would be on top priority.

The congress manifesto proposed to set up the regional central university in Kangra and the IIT in Mandi district.

To extend urbanization in the state the manifesto proposes to extend the Jawahar Lal Nehru Urban Mission to Mandi, Hamirpur and Dharamshala. It also talks about setting up a medical college in Hamirpur and Mandi, enhancing social security allowance from Rs 200 to 300, increasing daily wages to Rs 100 and intends to extend road connectivity to all villages in a phased manner.

Providing drinking water to all habitations would remain high on the party agenda, the document stated.

To insulate the people against rising prices of essential commodities the congress said that it would continue to provide subsidized rations in the state. For improved health services, an institution in each panchayat would be set up where as existing institutions would be strengthened.

The manifesto reiterated that the congress was committed to providing employment to every household in the state by creating employment opportunities in private and government sectors.

The man-animal conflict afflicting the farming community did find echo in the manifesto which stated that steps would be taken to tackle the monkey menace and damage to crops from other wild life animals.

All appointments made under Parent Teacher Associations and other contract appoints were proposed to be regularized, the IRDP survey to identify poor families would be conducted again on persistent demand of the people and to encourage information technology, the party would open more IT parks at strategic locations, the document recorded.

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  1. says: Rivesh

    Thats great ! Over the last five years we have seen much changes in the quality of education. Not to think of “knowledge hub but the education was dipped in a bath tub, where PTA Pradhans swum for starting their political careers “. Number of court cases in H.P. High court relating to teachers appointment policy is a big evidence to all this. Sam Pitroda of knowledge commission should also make some special recommendations for PTA appointments in IIT and Central University of Himachal that are already planned in 11th Five Year Plan.

  2. “”It has also promised to enhance the daily wages to Rs 100, regularise the services of teachers appointed on an ad hoc/contract or PTA basis, 5 per cent increase in pension after 65 years and then again after 75 years of age.””

    This statement from “the Tribune-CONRESS manifesto for HP elections” shows that the congress govt if voted to power will regularize all the posts which are filled through PTA/adhoc. As Mr Rivesh has pointed out that most of these appointments have been made by the Panchayat pradhans and their competence is questionable for taking impartial decisions. The dream of becoming a knowledge hub will remain only on paper and again in 2012 we will see the same slogan by the govt.
    But the congress govt would legalize these decisions and further the cause of corruption in the state through such rule.
    Another point of increasing the retirement age probably appears very fascinating but the truth lies somewhere else. Although the employees think that they will get additional 2 years to serve, but the crux lies with the point that
    the government wants them to work for two additional years with only 50% of their salary. (rest 50% anyway they would have got as pension). This is called legalizing the slavery.
    So beware of such announcements

    All the best.. for the elections.

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