Gujarat – Himachal Election Result Will Impact Lok Sabha Poll: LK Advani

Shimla: Confident of winning the elections in Himachal and Gujarat, senior BJP leader LK Advani said that the election result would impact the national uncertain political scenario by shifting the Lok Sabha election from early 2008 to end of the year.

Summing up the BJP assembly election campaign in the capital, he said that since last August, the UPA government has been in limbo as disagreements over the Indo-US Nuclear deal between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and CPI (M) surfaced.

Parliament election was being anticipated for February 08 but as we are confident of winning both Gujarat and Himachal, the Lok Sabha election would now shift to end of next year, said Advani, who has been declared the BJP prime ministerial candidate.

Advani conceded that the party ‘India Shining’ campaign of 2004 was not the right slogan as the country is not shining for everybody. Instead is should have been “India Rising’, he said.

The BJP leader accused the congress led UPA government of being soft on terrorism and had failed to meet ends of justice for the perpetrators of terrorist attack on parliament in 2001. “What is preventing the government from hanging Afzal Guru, even though the Supreme Court has upheld the death sentence awarded by the lower court in the case,” he said.

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