Child’s death cause tension in Tanda Medical College

The Dr. R.P.Govt. Medical College at Tanda, Kangra faced a severe charge of negligence of doctors leading to death of a baby.

The father, Sanjeev, of the new born baby on 27th November, said that his wife, Suman, had delivered three daughters in the Dr. R.P. Govt. Medical College Hospital at Dharamshala among whom only one survived meanwhile the hospital was shifted to Tanda on 1st, December and even Suman along with her only surviving daughter was shifted here.

The child was on Phototherapy as she was suffering with jaundice. On recommendation of attending doctors the child was shifted to ward bed with her mother, which was not centrally heated even the family was not allowed to use personal heater and because of cold the child was shivering and died by morning.

However, medical authorities say that the child was premature and under weight carrying serious intestinal infection which lead to her death and it was not a result of the negligence.

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