Dhumal’s image as CM is poor: Anand Sharma

Union minister for Foreign Affairs, Anand Sharma, today depicted BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Prem Kumare Dhumal as erroneous.

He said this while referring to BJP’s manifesto for 2nd stage Assembly elections as gimmick. Further he pointed at BJP for not reacting on these lines when Shanta Kumar was a Union Minister and Prem Kumar Dhumal was the Chief Minister of the state.

Then putting forward the achievement of the party he said that it was only Congress Government who brought back the economy on rails after the state’s coffers were empty when Dhumal lost the elections.

He divided BJP and Congress on the bases of ideologies and said that Congress is of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideologies and BJP of Nathu Ram Godse’s who has tried o divide country on the bases of caste, region and religion.

Accusing the tenure of the NDA government headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee, he said more than 15,000 farmers in the country had committed suicide. On the contrary the UPA government headed by Manmohan Singh has started numerous ambitious programmes in the country, he said.

He appealed the people of Himachal to vote for Congress party to ensure the continuity of development here with reference to the special package announced by Manmohan Singh for HP in 2005, a Central University and an IIT was on the cards besides a sum of 2,200 crores of rupees for the augmentation of the Shimla Parwanoo rail line, he said.

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