Reliance STD-PCO booth owners a harassed lot

KUMARHATTI: The repeated problems in telephone sets have landed the Reliance STD-PCO booth owners in fix here. The booth owners were not only facing commercial losses but also forced to go through the mental trauma caused by quite often snags in sets.

The problem was faced by those who have opted out for LCD sets. The LCD sets, unlike others sets, do not have the facility to print the bill and other call related details. The all details related to duration of call and amount charged are shown in phone set screen itself.

As per booth owners’ allegations, the screen of phone set was quite often gone blank thus paralysing the set functioning completely. There were also problems with phone set’s battery and its charger.

A local Reliance STD-PCO booth owner said that he has taken the LCD phone set five months back. After two months the screen of the phone set went blank. The owner has taken the prepaid coupon of Rs. 660 for which company paid Rs. 750 talk time thus Rs. 90 profit from the coupon. After the full usage of Rs 750 talk time a booth owner usually gets Rs. 250 as service revenue other than the direct profit of Rs. 90 from the prepaid coupon of Rs. 660.

Ironically, in the lack of details the amount of bill for each call made by a customer has to be confirmed from a company server installed at Ambala, pointed out the STD owner. Interestingly the server tells the exact amount deducted from talk time where bill on screen included service revenue amount for per call made. Thus there was almost Rs. 1 loss from each call against service revenue for want of bill, rued STD owner.

Rather to rectify the fault a Reliance agency based at Solan has insisted to change the LCD sets with other set by paying Rs. 1800 more for new set, he lamented.

However according to Solan agency authorised by Reliance for its set sale, the 70 LCD sets have proved faulty. The STD-PCO owners have been advised to change the sets with local call meter (LCM) sets that printed the bills and other details, said agency officials.

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