I’m Keeping My Ammunition Dry For The Himachal Election Campaign – Virbhadra

Shimla: Chief minister Virbhadra Singh said that the negative campaign of BJP about resorting to character assassination and smearing all would not pay any dividends for the congress intended to take it head on by highlighting the developmental strides the state has made over the last four and half years.

“The development parameters achieved in the fields of education, drinking water schemes, health, and road connectivity under successive congress regimes cannot be negated in anyway, Virbhadra told My Himachal News Bureau.

About BJP having announced Perm Kumar Dhumal as the chief ministerial candidate, he said that it was an internal matter of BJP and did not affect the congress in anyway. “The congress may even benefit from this announcement,” he quickly added.

Memories of Shanta Kumar’s terms in power may have gathered dust in public memory but the misdeeds, victimization and corruption of Dhumal’s tenure are fresh, he said.

Virbhadra said that there was more rebellion in BJP after declaration of election candidates then in congress.

Virbhadra said that with former Subordinate Service Selection Board chairman SM Katwal having been indicted by the courts, it was a reflection of the functioning of Dhumal government and its chief minister.

He said, “Interesting details about how many recommendations for and against giving government jobs have emerged in the data recovered from a ‘hard disk’.” Refusing to make any disclosure on it,

Virbhadra said, “I’m keeping my ammunition dry for the election campaign.”

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  1. says: Rivesh

    I think it has already dried in all these five years. Nothing different from the black mailing tactics adopted by Mankotia. On the one hand, praying in court not to release any corruption evidence, on the other, doing the same. Oh God! What has happened to these so called royal People.

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