Government Disclose Hidden Cost For Securing Rs 800 Crore World Bank Loan: Dhumal

Former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal has blamed successive congress governments of fiscal mismanagement and demanded that hidden costs of negotiating a Rs 800 crore loan being taken from the World Bank be made public.

“It is nothing but another attempt of the Virbhadra Singh government to befool the people of the state before an election,” said Dhumal in a written communiqué. The new loan would only further add to the states financial woes, he added.

Dhumal claimed that the World Bank loan was being raised despite funds worth several hundred crores lying unspent at various levels.

The BJP leader has said that the haste being shown by the congress government in attempting to allot hydro projects, even as the election code of conduct had come into force smacked of impropriety.

International bids for power projects have been invited, which were being assessed, when the election commission disrupted the process and announced elections, two months ahead of schedule.

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