Congress Drives Wedge Between Shanta-Dhumal factions

Shimla: Attempting to draw a wedge in the faction ridden BJP from the party having announced Prem Kumar Dhumal as the chief ministerial candidate, the congress today said that the opposition party was in total disarray with such a decision.

Kuldeep Rathore, party spokesman said “no matter what senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar says publicly, his body language speaks a different language.”

He added, “Like former prime minister AB Vajpayee has been retired by the BJP so has Shanta Kumar been sidelined,”

With Shanta Kumar being denied a stint another stint for the top position in the state, morale of his supporters was on the wane.

Rathore said, “Cadres were in utter rebellion at being denied a chance to elect their own leader. The BJP’s central leadership decision to thrust a leader on them has split the party down the middle.”

He further added that Dhumal after being named the chief minister designate has started behaving like one and he is “only day dreaming.”

Responding to Dhumal’s statement that the decision to cancel all appointments of teachers under the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) policy, he said, “there were no irregularities in these appointments. Moreover, the BJP has two views on the issue as president Jai Ram Thakur differs with Dhumal on the issue”

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