BSP Hopes To End BJP – Congress Dominance In Himachal Elections

Shimla: Bhaujan Samaj Party, the new entrant to Himachal Politics was hoping to replicate the social engineering experiment from Uttar Pradesh and today laid claim that its ranks in the state were swelling which would be reflected in the election outcome.“We are confident that BSP would for the next government as both the congress and BJP have betrayed the peoples faith by not keeping the promises made,” said Naresh Chauhan, a retired colonel who has been appointed BSP convener for the districts of Solan, Shimla and Kinnaur.

“The people were having to live with sharp rise in prices of essential commodities, unemployment and large-scale corruption, which has plagued successive congress and BJP governments,” said Chauhan.

Chauhan said that rising stature UP chief minister Maywati was receiving international attention and BSP would deploy her as the star campaigner during the elections.

He said that while the both the Congress and the BJP governments had been insensitive towards fulfilling the basic needs of people, for the first time there was an credible alternative in the state which was receiving warm response from all quarters.

He said that BSP would give tickets to candidates with a clean image and those who had the capability of winning the elections.

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  1. says: Sanjay Sharma

    So What? if BSP………….

    Congress & BJP have ruled alternatively the well educated, well behaved, state of Himachal since its appearance on the Indian Map. Every time the change in the government in the state has only seen the false promises, transfers of govt. officials appointed by the previous government. Nothing so far has been done to check the brain drain, to creat opportunities for employment, and the most importantly in the field of education & Health.
    Whenever the elections knock at the door, the leaders of the state come to the people with problems related power, water and roads. I don’t think the life is only meant for these resources. Good life means more, more and more of these resources i.e. health, education and employment. Leaders have never thought of these existing problems to solve.
    So what , if BSP makes the field this time. They are joined by the same group of politicians, who have done nothing good previously.These politicians have joined the new party only because they didn’t get the ‘apportunity’ for themselves. Now it rests on the people of the state to look forward to elect comparativly competitive, educated and cultured leaders respite of the fact of the Party they belong to.
    It’s the responsibility of the good people to come forward to guide the innocent people to differentiate between GOOD & BAD.

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