BJP Naming Dhumal As Himachal CM Candidate Has Made Our Task Easier – Virbhadra


‘Naming Prem Kumar Dhumal as the chief ministerial candidate has made our task easier’ said chief minister Virbhadra Singh at a conference call here today.

He said that even though naming of the BJP leader was an internal matter of the opposition but by naming Dhumal the party had put a stamp of approval on corruption.

Was it not four minister of the previous Dhumal government along with three legislators who had leveled serious allegations of corruption against their own chief minister that too when an Vidhan Sabha session was on, said Virbhadra.

Such a thing had happened for the first time in Himachal’s history and though the rebels eventually patched up but the charges were never withdrawn, he added.

“BJP by leveling allegations of corruption on the congress government was mockery,” he said adding “the kettle calling the pot black.”

The chief minister asked BSP leader Major Vijay Singh Manoktia to make public whatever material he has. “We are as eager to see and hear what he has to reveal” said Singh.

He said it was not congress culture to sling mud at others. Virbhadra alleged that releasing of the CD by Mankotia just before the Hamirpur election was a conspiracy hatched by the BJP candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal as he was desperate to win the seat and establish his leadership.

The CD had been forensically examined and it was found to be a cut and paste job. A criminal defamation case had been filed in the matter and the High Court had already debarred public broadcasting of the CD contents, said the chief minister.

The chief minister accused the previous BJP government of not protecting the state’s interests while handing over the 2100 MW Parbati and the 800 MW Kol Dam hydro projects to the central sector without ensuring state equity in them. Over a 40 year period the state stands to loose an amount of about Rs 80,000 crore, he said.

The chief minister who is setting out on a whirlwind electioneering tour claimed that congress would be returning to power. “I’m not an armchair politician and have constantly been in touch with the people,” said Virbhadra “and would be holding meetings in all 65 assembly segments.”

We have many achievements to our credit, he said. The state has one of the highest per capita income in the country which touching about Rs 40,000, the state has transformed from an apple bowl to a fruit bowl state, off-season vegetables has increased employment and income levels in Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Solan and other parts and higher incomes are reflected in higher savings registered with national and rural banks of the state he said.

Himachal Pradesh from a small hill state had become a “happening state” on the road to prosperity and well being of its people. The Congress was going to the masses with the satisfaction that its government had fulfilled all the promises made, said Virbhadra

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