BJP launches election campaign with largest ever rally

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Rajnath Singh, today launched Himachal election campaign for BJP by holding largest rally in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. By the number of people in the rally it seems BJP is poised to win the state assembly.

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  1. Dear Yash Raj Ji
    Thanks for keeping us updated on electioneering in the state. It is nice to see that there is lots of enthusiasm for elections in Himachal. Lets hope that a good government comes to power who works whole heartedly for the welfare of Himachalis.

  2. says: RKS

    @ Dr. Vatsyanan

    There are few people of Himachal now, who are really concerned about the welfare of state. People here are entrapped by the politicians in such a manner that no one is able to see beyond their petty interests. Overall culture of “sycophancy and resultant benefits” has grown so strong over the years that no political party can reverse it in a day. This requires a strong leadership with a well focused vision and action to develop Himachal and discourage politics in all institutions. Transparency and accountability in all spheres may bring down the nuisance value of politicians but will certainly take the state upwards. If this does not happen, we will be replacing the party names only and not the bad politicians after every five years.

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