Police register complaint against leading industrialist for beating 70 year old sister

Victim Urmila Sawhney shows the wound she has sustained on her leg to the media

Shimla: The police have lodged an complaint (FIR – First Information Report) against leading industrialist DC Anand, head of the Anand group of companies, in which Urmila Sawhney, a seventy year lady and a sister of Anand has alleged that her brother beat her blue and threatened to kill her.

Talking to the media, Urmila said that she feared for her life and property, and has sought police protection for she lived alone at her Baldyan residence, near Mashobra. She acknowledged that there was a family dispute among the brothers but she had nothing to do with it.

Narrating the incidence that happened last Wednesday she said “I was coming back to my house after my regular evening walk, when my elder brother DC Anand and his wife Kiran met me and starting saying that I have been bad mouthing him. He took out his walking stick and started beating me mercilessly with the stick, kicks and slaps and was abusing all along.”

Urmila Sawhney shows the wound she has sustained on her leg to the media.

Urmila alleged that her brother threatened to kill her which she had had recorded in the FIR complaint lodged at Dhalli police station, a Shimla suburb. “I sustained injuries on my leg, back and chest” said Urmila. “I will not be cowed down from speaking the truth because of these actions,” she added.

Satish Anand, a brother of Urmila who was present said that he stood by his sister “It was a savage thing to do to a 70 year lady,” said Satish. He said that there was an inheritance dispute and another one about a child adoption, which were in the courts.

District police chief AP Singh confirmed that an FIR had been registered and medical of the complainant had been got done. He said that the matter was under investigation. Singh said that there was no application for security. “If they apply for security, we will take a view on the threat perception and take action accordingly” he said.

Calls to DC Anand’s residence were returned with a response that he is out and will get back late. Kiran Anand, wife of DC Anand refused to say anything.

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