People welcome early elections

Dhumal demands elections under the President’s rule.

The announcement of early elections to Himachal Pradesh state assembly has been widely welcomed by the people of the state. People feel that the early elections will help them to form the government of their choice in time as they are already burdened with sharp rise in prices of essential commodities and other items.

Former chief minister and senior BJP leader, Prem Kumar Dhumal welcomed the announcement of the Election Commission of India adding that such steps were needed much earlier.

Talking with this reporter today, he said that people will heave a sight of relief from the Congress government as this government was one of the worst that the people of the state had seen since Independence.

Dhumal demanded that state assembly be dissolved and state be put under the Presidents rule for a free and fair elections. He said,” The BJP has been demanding dismissal of Vir Bhadra Singh government for its acts of omission and commission and had submitted a number of memorandums to the Governor of Himachal Pradesh. Now the time has come, when the people of the state will give their verdict on the charge sheet and will form the government of BJP in the state”.

He appealed to the people of the state not to fall prey to false propaganda of the Congress and vote without fear and favor for the BJP.

Meanwhile, Congress camp is tight lipped on the early elections in the state as the party was going to announce a number of sops to the people on October 20th. Moreover, the chief minister is away to USA and as such the main reaction will come from him.

However, Congress people are also happy with the early elections ,as they feel that this election will end infighting in the cadre.

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