Monkeys menace hits Dagshai schools

DAGSHAI: The residential schools here were these days facing severe monkey menace. The students were at receiving end as groups of monkey kept roaming schools area throughout the day. The helpless school managements have no other option than to remain mute spectators to the problem.

Dagshai has two reputed residential schools besides government girls’ middle school and high school. Nearly 1000 children were enrolled in these four schools. A visit to these schools revealed that children feared to walk alone in school. The lone student could be an easy target to monkeys who pounced in search of eatables.

Fed up from this the students were advised by school management to remain alert while venturing out of class rooms. The students were also advised to move in group while playing or going to toilets. Not only the students the school staff has to remain extra cautious from monkey attacks.

The situation were worse in residential schools where monkeys usually moved in and around of school mess to find eatables. It was hard to move freely, pointed out a student of Dagshai Public School. We have to take security guard protection to move from one spot to other spot in school, he rued.

All efforts to get rid of monkeys have fallen flat, pointed out a senior administrative officer of DPS. We have written to the district administration and state government as well but nobody seemed to be taken care of our problem, he lamented.

Interestingly the monkey problem turned to residents nearby town, Kumarhatti when schools at Dagshai closed for winter vacations. The monkeys which used to live in and around schools moved to the town in search of food.

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