Death sentence for triple murder

Additional District and Session’s Judge, Dharamshla, L.R. Sharma today gave death penalty to Harish Kumar for killing his friend, Vinod Kumar, his wife Meena and their child on the intervening nights of September 27 and 28 at Nandroli village of the Kangra district. The learned Judge had earlier held Harish Kumar guilty of the crime.

N.S.Verma Deputy District attorney said that Harish, a Kurukshetra- resident, went to meet Vinod on September 27, 2006, at his house in Nandroli village in Palampur subdivision of this district. There they had drinks there and Vinod being heavily drunk became unconscious. Prosecution said that by taking advantage of the situation, Harish tried to rape his wife, Meera, who resisted and was strangulated by him. He also killed her 22-month-old child.

Later, Vinod somehow came into senses and got hold of Harish but he too was strangulated. Harish then managed to leave the house in the wee hours.

The police arrested Harish from Ladwa town in Kurukshetra district on October 3, 2006 and accordingly a cased was put up against him that went into death penalty to him for the triple murder.

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