Mankotia for judicial probe against Virbhadra

Launching a bid to power from remote Haripurdhar in Sirmaur district, Vijay Singh Mankotia – the BSP chief ministerial candidate, today lashed out at chief minister saying that if ushered into power he would launch a judicial probe into Virbhadra’s financial dealings.

“Given a chance to run the government, the BSP would order a judicial probe against Virbhadra Singh and his MP wife Pratibha Singh for their indulgence in accumulating money through corrupt practices,” said Mankotia at a public meeting in Haripurdhar.

He said that the congress party had been rattled by the Election Commission’s decision to advance the election dates. Both congress and BJP had failed to live upto the expectations of the people and they would be punished. Explaining his stance of joining the BSP, he said that the congress was neck deep in corruption and had little concern for the poor man.

Taking offence to the district administrations not allowing his helicopter to land at Sarahan, Mankotia said that he would lodge a complaint with the Election Commission against the highhanded manner of the authorities. At the same time he asked the officials to desist from playing into the hands of certain politicians, lest they have to pay a price for it

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