Eight Mules wait for mercy killings

As many as eight mules of Jamta area were waiting for their mercy killings for the past few weeks. These Mules were suffering from Glanders, the highly dangerous and fetal disease which is communicable to human beings. These cases were detected in Jamta and Nauni villages about 15 K.M. from Nahan town.

President of Nauni Panchyat Mr Pritam Singh confirmed that atleast eight mules in the Jamta and Nauni villages were suffering from this killer disease. Teams of veterinary experts from Nahan and National Research Centre for Equines [NRCE], Hissar in Haryana have visited the villages. He added that experts have cautioned the villagers against the fetal attack of the disease and have told as how to save human beings from catching the infection from the animals.

He said that experts have recommended mercy killings of these animals as there was no medical remedy available for the treatment of this fetal disease. He said that experts have alerted residents of whole Panchyat that if human beings catch this infection there was no treatment available for such infections.

Veterinary experts said that symptoms of this disease were suppuration on whole body with respiratory problems. The last case of this highly contagious disease was reported in 1992 in the state. As per sources infected mules were purchased from Haryana by the residents of Nauni and Jamta villages few months back. As per experts this disease is known as ‘zoonotic disease’ in the medical terminology having no clinical solution. The samples of aimals were finally tested in the NRCE Hissar which also confirmed the disease as glanders.

As per sources Sirmour Veterinary Department has sent its recommendation to the head of department Shimla for granting permission for mercy killings of these animals as per the recommendation of experts. Now notification in this regard to be issued by the head of the department of department of Animal Husbandry Himachal Pradesh was awaited.

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