EC deprives Congress to take credit of Giri scheme

SOLAN: The Election Commission by announcing poll earlier has deprived the ruling party, Congress to take credit of Giri water lifting scheme. Had the EC not announced poll dates the scheme would have main poll plank for Congress to get political mileage in this area. The scheme conceived as lifeline for Solan district was to be completed soon.

Involving Rs. 51.46 cr budget the scheme would meet the water requirement of Solan town besides 114 villages falling under Dharampur and Kumarhatti areas. As per IPH department the current population of 114 villages was estimated at around 20,207. Earlier the scheme was expected to start function by 2nd of this month. The scheme planned in 2003 was supposed to meet water requirement for 30 years It was virtually a setback to not to inaugurate the scheme before poll, pointed out a senior Congress leader. But as Congress would continue its tenure till March irrespective of poll outcome the scheme would in fact be inaugurated by present government after poll result, he remarked.

The people of area know everything, said a Congress leader of Kasauli Congress Committee. We do not need publicity of our work. The public is well aware of Congress efforts for development work in past, he maintained.

Meanwhile it was not only the Giri scheme the certain other inaugurations related to various work have remained pending in area thus causing setback to Congress.

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