Dhumal dubs NREGP scheme a big farce

Asks Congress to clarify about the budget provision for the scheme

Former Himachal chief minister and Member Parliament, Prem Kumar Dhumal today dubbed the launch of National rural employment guarantee programme in all districts of India from April 2008 as a big farce. He said that nothing was clear in the announcement regarding the funds meant for the scheme.

Talking with reporters here this afternoon, Dhumal said that it was not understood how this scheme became practicable all of a sudden when the Finance Minister, P. Chidambran had earlier announced that there were not sufficient funds with him for launching of this scheme in all districts of India.

He said that this scheme was launched in all districts of India to please Rahul Gandhi, MP.

Dhumal said that the announcement of Congress led UPA government proved that it was trying to befool the Indian people on this issue with an eye on Vidhan sabha elections in various states. He said that people of Himachal knew about the policies of the Congress and would not fall prey to such announcements that would not become practical in view of the formation of new government in state in February 2008.

The BJP MP expressed optimism that country was heading towards a mid term Lok sabha polls in March 2008 and the Congress was making various announcements to woo the masses to win the elections second time in succession.

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