Dhumal demands dissolution of assembly and elections under President’s rule

Hamirpur: Former Himachal chief minister and senior BJP leader, Prem Kumar Dhumal today demanded immediate dissolution of state assembly and imposition of President’s rule for conducting free and fair elections in the state. He welcomed the announcement of the elections adding that it would pave way for the ending of corrupt regime of Congress.

Talking with reporters of his home district here this afternoon, the BJP leader hinted that he might contest the assembly election despite being elected to Lok sabha recently. Dhumal expressed optimism that the party would win more than fifty seats and form its own government in the state.

He said that in his personal opinion some one should be given the charge to lead the party during the elections. However, final decision to this effect would be of the party high command and a binding on all.

Dhumal denied any rift in the party on the issue of tickets but added that there were more than fifty aspirants for the tickets from each of sixty-eight assembly segments of the state.

He said that BSP would not affect the prospectus of the BJP in the elections. Instead, it would harm the cause of the Congress.

Dhumal said that though chief minister welcomed the announcement of early polls in the state yet as per information received by him, the chief minister was badly upset with the early elections, as he was not aware of the decision of the Election Commission of India.

The BJP MP demanded immediate removal of all such hoardings put up in various parts of the state where the achievement of the present government had been highlighted. He said officers should take a serious note of it as they were in power in the state at present after the announcement of the election and imposition of the Model code of conduct for the elections.

Dhumal asked the chief minister to clarify about his ongoing visit to USA. He said that the chief minister should tell the people the mode of re-payment of the loan taken from the World Bank and other foreign powers. He said that the loan money taken should be returned in Indian currency as the rate of Dollar was fluctuating time and again. Dhumal said that at present this rate was around thirty-nine rupees and if its rates increased, the state would suffer much financially and as such, the state government should clarify this thing to the people of the state.

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