CPI(M) demands revocation of Ashwani Kumar suspension

Shimla: State committee of the CPI (M) has demanded immediate reinstatement of Ashwani Kumar, president of HP School Lectures Association. Tikender Panwar, member state CPI (M) termed the suspension ‘an extremely draconian measure by the authorities just for raising the genuine demands of the association, which he head.”

As the president only opposed the government policy of directing the school lecturers to teach classes of 9th and 10th standard, he has been suspended, said Panwar adding that the action taken smacks of highhandedness.

Regarding the problem concerning elementary, the party states that the government itself is has sent out confusing signals as it had revoked its own decisions several times. “Just because an elected leader opposed the government’s policy is no reason for suspension and is actually curtailment of the trade union rights,” said Panwar.

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