Unfit meat sale goes on unchecked

KUMARHATTI: The unabated sale of unfit meat in this area has caused major health hazard for residents. The unhygienic and unstamped meat was being sold without any check from Health authorities who perhaps turned blind eyes to the menace. The meat sale was going on unchecked on vends along Kalka- Shimla national highway where large numbers of locals and crossing motorists made purchase daily.

The meat-shop owners, most of them without license, were selling the meat freely. The most of meat supply was come from Pinjore and Kalka. However the open spaces were also used by the local meat shop owners in complete violations of law to fill demand deficit. As per norms, clearance of meat for sale was required from the Veterinary Department, which puts its stamp after finding it fit. No medical check-up was being done before the sale of meat.

There is not a single slaughterhouse in the area with basic amenities like water and proper cleaning facilities. The most of the self made open slaughter points were usually remained surrounded by unhealthy conditions, where stray dogs roam freely thus causing a major nuisance for the residents residing nearby.

According to the district Animal and Husbandry Department they were helpless due to lack of slaughterhouses. It was district administration duty to provide them slaughterhouses to force the meat shop owners to meet all compliances, said a senior Vet official.

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