Himachal to revive Handicraft and Handloom Corporation

State Government would revive the State Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation keeping in view its importance in revival of the traditional art and craft of the State. This was revealed by Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister while reviewing the possibilities of reviving the Corporation in the best interest of the artisans of the State here last evening.

Singh said that the Corporation had been imparting training to the artisans in wood work, metal work, traditional handicrafts and handlooms by organizing training camps in the rural areas. He said that the State was known for its distinct Tribal Art, Shawls, Chamba Handkerchief and above all Kangra Paintings. He said that the Corporation had played significant role in revival of the traditional art and craft. He said that the State Handicraft and Handloom Corporation had been promoting the State’s Art within and outside the State.

Singh said that there was an urgent need for diversification of the activities of the Corporation to make it emerge as a viable venture, stabilize its turnover, maintain reasonably good cash flow management and also to find innovative methods of sale and marketing of its products and bye-products. He said that people were crazy to buy quality handicrafts and handlooms to maintain their high standards and tastes which could be encashed by boosting the marketing strategies of the Corporation.

Chief Minister emphasized the need to revive the Wood Carving of Sangla valley, Metal Craft of Leo in Kinnaur, Stone Carving of Jangla in Rohroo, Guler Painting of Guler in Kangra, Thanka Painting of tribal districts of Kinnaur and Lahaul and Spiti, Horse Hair Crafts of Chamba, traditional Metal Craft of Mandi and Kullu, Chamba Rumal, Pottery of Kangra and

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