Factory workers gharoued Majra Police Station

NAHAN: Around two hundred factory workers of Jeish shoe factory situated at Dhaulan Kuan and local residents kof the area last night gharoued Majra Police station under Paonta Sub division and raised slogans against Police.

Sources said that trouble started when in the late hours last evening when Majra Police along with the factory management entered the tent of agitating factory workers in the factory compound and allegedly threatened them and asked to end their on going strike. This incident reportedly led to the anger of the local people and factory workers who thronged to the Majra Police station and gharoued the police station. Agitators condemned police action and raised slogans against the police.

After receiving information SHO Paonta Narvir Rathour rushed to Majra and persuaded agitating people to end their gharou. As per commitment with agitators SHO today visited the factory complex and on his persuasion agitating factory workers agreed to be peaceful till their meeting with the factory management and Labour department fixed on 18th of September, said Rathour.

In the mean time today factory workers who were already on the path of agitation for the past few days today intensified their agitation and started chain hunger strike in front of the factory. Mohan Lal, Vice Predsident of factory workers union said that due to deployment of a large number of private security men carrying Lathies by the factory management, the situation in the factory complex have become tense. Factory union is demanding to reinstate retrenched factory workers.

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