Ugly face of allegations and counter allegations in Badag Panchyat

Fall out of quarrel between anti liquor lobby and Panchyat President

NAHAN:After a conflict and big drama in Badag [Ganog] Panchyat which took place yesterday and resulted in locking in Panchayat President and other Panchyat functionaries inside the Panchyat Bhawan took an ugly turn today, the drama of mud slugging on each other continued whole day today and which was continued till late night when these lines were written.

Both groups have now opened fronts of legal fights against each other. Women of anti liquor lobby were led by the Vice President of the Panchyat Inder Singh who along with around 50 persons today met Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police and alleged that father in law of Panchyat President who is a Primary teacher was allegedly involved in digging several places in the area in search of hidden treasure with the help of some unknown persons. They also apprehended that during this process any untoward incident may take place in the area. In another complaint demanding protection, they feared that family of Panchyat president may register false cases against them but interestingly they did not wrote even a single word in their complaints, regarding the closer of liquor vend which was an clear indication that liquor vend was not the actual reason of conflict according to official sources.

Mr. J. P. Singh. S. P. Police Sirmour told that S.H.O. Renuka had been asked to immediately rush to the spot to inquire into the allegations leveled by the Vice President of Panchyat, residents of Dana Ghaton, ganog and Mahila Mandal Ganog in their complaints.

After continuous efforts over three hours I contacted S.H.O. Renuka Manish Chauhan in the Ganog village who disclosed that after preliminary inquiry in to the allegations leveled by the deputation against Kali Ram, a Primary teacher and father in law of Panchyat President had been found totally wrong. He said that a religious Anushthan of Mahamrityunjay was being performed in the house of Kalai Ram and local Pandits of same village Keshwa Nand Sharma and Bal Bir Sharma were taking part in it, besides one Abdul Rahim resident of Saharanpur [UP] was also performing Pooja in a separate room. He said that allegations of searching of gold and silver under the earth [under ground treasure] were also false and no such extraction was gong on in the village. He, late this evening however added that investigations were going on.

Earlier Panchyat President Promila Chauhan with her large number of supporters met Deputy Commissioner Sirmour and filed complaint against 22 residents of the Panchyat under the provisions of law of Atrocities against Scheduled Casts and alleged that she was allegedly abused with the name of her cast by the people when locked her inside the Panchyat Bhawan. The complaint is under investigation, said police. However a case under section 342 and 147 IPC has been registered against eight persons including five women members in the incident of locking of Panchyat Bhawan which was opened by the police by breaking opening the lock.

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