Rain plays havoc in Himachal

Seven person stranded in the Markanda River on Haryana side were rescued by Himachal Police after a struggle of three and half hours.

NAHAN:Continued down pours for the past 24 hours has played havoc in the region. There is however no information of any loss of life but agriculture land and crops have received heavy damage in the district.

Seven persons rescued: Seven residents of Sadhoura area of Haryana this after noon at about 1.30 P.M. found themselves in the flood water of Markanda River on the river bed where they had reached just a few minutes earlier. The flood water rose up to the chest level and there was no hope for their survival, told Ram Singh, a Bus operator from the Kala Amb on the phone line. Kala Amb police and other residents of Himachal Pradesh made several calls to the authorities at Ambala and Narayan Garh but stranded person received no help. When after half an hour four persons were dislocated from the place where they were stranded by the force of flood water residents lost hope for their survival but after putting in struggle up to one hundred meter in the flood water they got hold of a big piece of wood in the water and got a hope to survive.

Sources said that putting in danger their lives Head Constable Layak Ram of Kala Amb police post of Himachal Pradesh and a taxi driver Raj entered the flood water and after putting in three and half hours continuous struggle they rescued all the seven persons from the Markanda around 6.00 P.M. this evening. Hundreds of residents of Himachal Pradesh and Kala Amb areas gathered on the both sides of Markanda River criticized Haryana administration for not taking effective steps for the rescue of stranded persons of Haryana and Haryana police which remained silent spectator on the bank of River. Jawans of Himachal Police posted at Kala Amb police post did the rescue work by putting their lives in the danger.

Today’s terrible struggle between life and death watched by the residents once again reminded them incident of last year when a number of vehicles were washed away in the Markanda River due to breaking down of the Mankanda bridge in the flood water, at that time also whole rescue operations were done by the Himachal police putting their lives in danger, on the land of Haryana and saved a number of lives, that time also Haryana Police was reported as a silent spectator by the media and criticized.

Flood in Lana Pallar:
As per information received here this evening due to flood in the Pallar River, residents of Lana Pallar village situated on the bank of the river were living in fear. Heera Singh, Resident of the village said that debris dumped near High School by a local Mini Hydle Project Construction Company had flown in to his fields washing away his crops and flood water had entered three houses owned by him. Local residents said that due to flood situation in the river over 12 water mills have come in the danger zone. SDM Nahan Mr. Sumit Khimta had paid two visits to this village to assess the damage caused to the environment by the company after this issue was raised by myHimachal this week. Pallar – Sangrah road also remained closed which was opened this after noon by the PWD.

Tomato loaded trucks stranded: as per information received from Shillai, Paonta- Shillai- Rohnat- Chopal state high was remained closed today as heavy debris, stones and trees have fallen the road at different places due to heavy rain which continued till these lines were written late this evening. As per information more than 15 trucks loaded with tomato on way to Delhi were stranded on this road along with around one dozen other vehicles. Due to closure of traffic news papers could not reach in the Shillai area and Dak services also remained suspended.

Bata cause havoc:
Bata River in Paonta area has once again have caused havoc in the region as hundreds of bighas of agriculture land and crop had been washed away in the flood water.Yamuna river has also touched danger mark. The damage caused by the Bata River was being assessed by the authorities. Paonta- Sataun- Renuka road had been closed for traffic due to heavy land slides which have triggered at several places between Sataun and Renuka. Nahan- Shimla road which remained closed for few hours due to land slide near Chabahan was reopened for traffic by the PWD this after noon.

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