Himachal providing essential commodities in far flung landslide hit areas

devaug17.JPGNotwithstanding the huge landslide of about 300 meters which had blocked the Udaipur-Killar national highway at Cherry Gharat about 15 Kms. from Killar, the supply of essential commodities from Manali has been restored through a span bridge. The administration of Pangi did not loose time in waiting for the GREF to clear the debris and immediately erected a big span bridge to carry the ration and other food items to the Pangi Valley through traditional method of trolley.

J.S. Pathania, Resident Commissioner, Pangi said today that the national highway was blocked at Cherry Gharat in April this year. However the GREF authorities tried to clear the landslide but again it erupted in June, thus posing a threat to the Saach village located at the top of the landslide point. As such the department of forest was asked to install a span bridge over the landslide portion in order to ensure the supply of the essential commodities well before the onset of winter.

Pathania said that Pangi Valley is habitated by more than 20,000 people of 54 villages comprising of 16 Panchayats and the ration and other food items are required to be supplied before October. He said that more than 40,000 quintals of essential commodities including wheat, rice, flour, edible oils, cooking gas cylinders etc. will be stocked at the 6 godowns of Food and Civil Supplies Department located at Dharwas, Killar, Kumarparmar, Saach, Salli and Sechu villages so that people could lift their supplies well in time. Everyday more than 500 quintals of food items are being carried through the span bridge and after that these are being sent to different godowns through tempos, tractors etc.

Resident Commissioner told that the span bridge became operative on 1st August and everyday more than 500 quintals of essential commodities are being transported through the trolleys. Till date around 9,000 quintals of essential commodities have been transported and stocked at the various godowns.

Pathania told that a concrete wall structure would be built on the Chandrabhaga riverbed after the water level starts receding in September. The debris would be cleared safely so that the threat to the Saach village is no more. The State Cabinet had recently decided to take up the maintenance of the 100 Kms. road stretch between Udaipur-Sansarinala from BRO and an outlay of Rs. 7 crores has been made for this purpose. The decision has come as a great relief to the people of Pangi Valley since the road between Udaipur-Sansarinala would be improved and metalled.

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