Four year old ill child caught in logjam dies for want of medical care


A seriously ill, four year old boy, Dinesh, who was referred to IGMC hospital in the state capital from Sarkhaghat in Mandi district died for want of medical attention as the ambulance in which the child was being taken was not allowed to breach the police cordon around the Vidhan Sabha complex. A senior district official, not wishing to be named said “the child was an unfortunate casualty because of the tense situation.” Reena Devi, the mother was inconsolable lamenting that she had managed to get the child within reach of specialized medical care but could not reach the hospital in time.ambulance-29-aug.jpg

The ambulance when it hit Shimla town from the Bilaspur road tried to take a shorter route from Boleauganj but a police barricade did not allow the vehicle to pass through the restricted road. Taking the main cart road, the vehicle got held up in a traffic jam near the Vidhan Sabha where the political parties were holding their demonstration.

The ambulance then attempted to take a road that would lead it through the Mall Road to the state hospital from the shortest possible route but the police barricade did not allow the vehicle to pass through.

In between the childs condition deteriorated and the ambulance then tried to reach a private hospital in Chaura Maidan, but was unable to pass through the crowd near the Vidhan Sabha complex. The parents then carried the child on foot to the Sanatorium private hospital where the child was declared dead.

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  1. says: Dinesh

    Mute spectators, that’s what we have become! No one cares for people anymore, every one is in run to appease political bosses! Value of common person is gone and as there was in the story I was reading on Hyderabad blasts, that lives of common people do not matter anymore. As they do not control power and do not make decisions!

    Look every year Parliamentarians honors parliament attack victims because it was on leaders but no one knows what happened to Mumbai blast victims or that would be true for any other deaths due to POLITICS!

  2. says: Dr.Akshay Minhas

    well we have a very good quality of blaming others………
    but i think we are responsible for this and no one else………
    we choose those persons to represent us which in return never think of us…so i would like to ask who is defaulter ?

    you compare yourself to others not others to yourself………….u will feel the difference………

  3. says: Dinesh

    Actually things are just heating up in bad politics of Himachal. They have become so corrupt and bad that they would kill and do any thing for their personal gains. Keep watching Himachalis! As in such a small state where you know each other you wont be able to do anything and whole situation would be like UP and Bihar! Welcome to the bad world of politics!

  4. says: Himachali

    All that happened yesterday is very unfortunate. Our politicians have become shameless. They have no courtesy to apologize for the incident but busy in trading charges on each other. I have a ray of hope from our judicial system, which can punish these politicians for human rights violations. Though the life cannot be compensated by money but these parties should be made to compensate heavily to the affected family from their party funds only. It will set an example in the country and can help in curbing such incidents in the future.

  5. says: Dr.Surjit tarafdar

    Shame on all of those people who were spectators to an ambulance being not allowed to move forward.I think even the primitive man must have been kind towards a fellow human being who was ill.Leaders are hypocrites all over the world,but the masses in our case are no different.I feel sick after reading this news.

  6. says: Rajeev Madan

    I live in the Chaura Maidan Area. The police is to be blamed for this ghastly incident had they not stopped traffic at the boileauganj and Kennedy house this incident would not have taken place. The police found an easy way out to shirk responsibility by blocking the traffic.

  7. says: dr.akshay minhas

    well look in to the photograph carefully ………police is standing behind the public just watching like the headless peoples and see the public., all are looking towards 1 side only and what is going on behind there back no body bothers …………….the netas jo apne khhone ke sage nahin hue what will be they do for the public……………..yhe public kyon nahin sochti hai……….

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