Menka Gandhi initiate action against killing of simians in Himachal

Killing campaign of simians launched by the State Forest Department of Himachal Pradesh in collaboration with Kheti Bachaou Sangharsh Samiti [KBSS] in the Renuka area of Sirmour district has evoked sharp reactions from the environmentalists and religious people from the different parts of state and country as well. People started coming openly to oppose the campaign after the whole campaign was exposed by the Himachal Plus last week.

As per the fresh details, killing campaign which was initiated in the Renuka area on the 14th of July was still going on and as per the sources of KBSS nearly 100 monkeys had been shot dead by the shooters during past two weeks. KBSS workers, mostly comrades affiliated with communist thinking organizations were visiting every Panchyat and persuading Panchyati Raj representatives to pass a resolution for allowing killing of simians in their respective Panchyats, many such meetings had been organized in the different parts of the district recently.

In this connection, former Union Minister, Member of Parliament and leading environmentalists Ms Menka Gandhi has acted quickly.  After going through the reports published in media she strongly condemned the campaign and initiated immediate action action by sending her representative to gather information from the field and persuade the residents of Renuka area to oppose this campaign.

As representative of Ms Menka Gandhi, senior office bearer of Citizens for welfare and Protection of Wild life, Ms Sonia Ghosh last evening reached at Nohra Dhar and met with hundreds of residents of the area. Today also she remained busy meeting Panchyati Raj representatives, local NGO leaders and social workers of the area. Ms Ghosh was persuading residents of the area to built pressure on the state government to find out permanent solution of simians problem by opening a century for monkeys in the state.

Ms Ghosh tried to persuade hundreds of farmers of different Panchyats to strongly oppose the killing campaign as she said the barbaric killings of simians and firing in the forests was not legal action under rule, the action was against law of nature and would pose a threat to the environment with several problems to the residents of the area in near future. She made it clear that permission accorded by the state government to kill monkeys was not correct and becomes serious when ammunition for killing campaign was being provided by the forest department itself which was the custodian of the wild life. She hinted that this matter would be raised on the international level.

However several eminent persons of Nohra Dhar area including Surender Chauhan, Ramesh Verma, Bhagat Ram Verma, Satya Pal, Klaushalya, Shankutla, Vijay Chauhan and Sunder Singh expressed plight of farmers before Ms Ghosh and said that monkey menace was to be solved at any cost and permanently as simians population had increased many folds in the state and were damaging their crops to the extent of 70 percent in many areas and had poised serious threat to the agriculture.

Several NGOs working for the protection of wild life, environment protection and religious organizations including Nature Watch India has termed grant of permission to kill simians by the hunters as violation of the provisions of Wild Life Protection Act 1972 and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and has threatened for a legal remedy if the killing was not stopped.

Mr. J. S. Jamwal, Project coordinator, Himalayan Region Snow Leopard conservancy USA, who is also a retired I.F.S. officer, in a letter written to Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh has suggested five remedies to get rid of monkey menace including creating a Monkey Century, lifting ban on their export, planting fruit trees in the forests, grant of daily wage to the farmers spending time in protecting their crops and grant of compensation for the crops damaged by the monkeys. He surprised that even after submission several memorandums right up to Mr. Man Mohan Singh, Prime Minister of India no project was planned to solve the monkey menace by the state of Union government.

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  1. says: pradeep kumar singh

    Respected Mam ( namaskar)
    main aap ke sangathan se joorna chata hoon. MAIN RELIANCE me job kar raha hoon, salary accha hai , phir vi khush nahi hoon , mera hamesa se yehi caaht raha hai ki main es desh me rah rahe perh (tree) ,animals aur mousam ke liye kuch karoon, magar kuch vi nahi kar paya hoon , karna vi chaha hoon koi sahi rasta nahi mil paya tha.

    with regards

  2. says: Paavni Shukla

    Respected madam!

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  3. says: SHALINI

    respected mam,
    i have a pet whose breed is german shepherd. He is 7.5 years old.He is suffering from some abnormalities since 1.5 years . Doctor has speculated that he is having cancer, without any proper test but i have full faith that it is not so but problem is that i don’t know the correct doctor to contact. I am from Ghaziabad so please provide me name and contact no. or address of a doctor who is specialist in handling such cases.

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  5. respected madam,
    i am 22 years old & works in a private company. on the day 18^th January i visited ISKON temple in lajpat nagar new delhi. there i saw a priest was initiating an awareness program against the merciless killing of cows. although the message he wants to convey was pretty good but the way he is doing that was really un-ethical. he was showing the video film of a slaughter house. the video was very cruelly created and nobody has the rights to show such types of video.
    a little explanation i would give you – cows are dragged by ingots. they are forcefully roped down they are being butched by the butcher. there blood was collected in separate vessel….do you feel that temple was the right place to show this..?
    all i want to say is that the seen was very bloody. the priest was showing this for our awareness. there are other options to impart awareness . there is an option to show things like caring & loving of cows, there usefulness in our life.

    we quarreled there for an hour and the people who gathered like mute masses were really looking like dummies. i cant understand have we lost humanity, are we insane.
    if you can do something please i am waiting for your response

  6. says: ruby alvares

    Respected mam,

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    Respected mam,
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  9. says: Rakhi

    Dear Mam
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  10. says: Inder Chawla

    Respected Madam,
    My name is Inder Chawla, i live at rau in Indore,M.P…
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    Mozel Solomon (Pune)

  12. says: himachali

    Kill them all or sent them to the Menka Gandhi house. Its easy to talk about the problem that the people in himachal are facing due to them by those siting in distance places. Just come for once and stay for a week in any of the himachal village which are facing these problems, only then tell.
    BTW None of the above comments regarding the problem for which this article is written.

  13. says: priyanka shekhawat

    respected mam,
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  15. says: Bikram

    Respected Mam,
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