Himachal drafts own police act

Shimla : Himachal Pradesh Governor V S Kokje issued an ordinance to enforce a new police act in the state that will replace the over 100-year-old Punjab Police Act.The ordinance would be replaced by the draft police bill in the forthcoming monsoon session of the state assembly, official sources said.

The new police bill approved recently by the cabinet, has been prepared on the basis of the model police act circulated by the Centre. However, the state government had carried out some recommendations keeping in view the geographical condition of
the state. An official spokesman said the Police Act of 1860 was enforced when the state of Himachal Pradesh did not exist
even, there was no mention of fundamental rights and human rights.The spokesman said the new police bill would have 144
sections. The draft bill has also converted the police service into the HP police service.The bill also provides setting up of a traffic and tourist railway police service.

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