Himachal creates corpus of Rs. 12.5 crore to help temple management

Himachal Pradesh Government had created a corpus of Rs. 12.5 crore to help temple management to carry their devotional duties in the religiously sanctified manner and temples were being identified in Kullu valley to provide all such shrines annuity for their devotional duties and restoration. This was stated by Virbhadra Singh while addressing a public meeting at Chong in the interior of Manikaran valley of district Kullu, after he paid his obeisance at the prominent shrine of Parbati and dedicated span bridge at Balu-Da- Ghera on river Parbati constructed at a cost of Rs. 90 lakh to the people of the valley today.

Chief Minister said that some of the prominent shrines had surrendered their land holdings at the time of land reform implementation and were deprived of regular income to carry their devotional duties. He said that his Government would be providing funds for the restoration of prominent religious shrines to bring them back to their original shape. He said that funds would not be any limit to meet such devotional commitments and adequate funds would be made available for fulfilling the devotional urge of the devotees.

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