The Man Eater of Salooni

Chamba: Life is no more as colorful as ever before for the people of Bhalei and Warngal Panchayats of Salooni of Chamba district. The days scare them and nights hound. Every time anybody shouts for any reason, they think the bolt has stuck. This enigma of the fear is the result of growing attacks of a man eater “Leopard”.

leo.jpgThis beast has overpowered the routine life of the rustics in this particular area. A few days ago it has attached the wife of Chand Ram. The victim of teeth and claws
is fighting for life in Salooni hospital. After this beast struck again and this time it was the dog of Brar Singh of Warngal village which went
prey to it. Not only this, it has attached few more people of this area but incident have not been reported to the authorities so far. Man eater moves freely in broad day light in the villages which
is a scary incidence in itself. General public is quite worried about their children who went to school and are soft target for the leopard.

Block development committee vice Chairperson Meena Thakur, Bhalei Panchayat Pradhan Ghinder Singh, Warangal Panchat Pradhan Babli Devi District congress committee vice president Kamal Thakur and many others representatives have asked the state government and district administration to take concrete steps in this regard and to find out a solution of this problem.

Terror of the man eater can be felt out of this fact, that DFO RK Kaushal has asked the people of the area to keep their kids indoor during evening. He also advised to escort them whenever they go to school or while they come back to home. He said that department is on way to find the solution as soon as possible.

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