Forest around Nahan is burning which has caused threat to the environment of this hill station. During past one week more than six incidents of forest fire have been reported around the town.

Big forest fire was ragging in the Bogria forest near Nahan for the past one week. Villagers told this correspondent that they made several attempts to control the fire but they could not succeed as fire was very big. They charged that they did not noticed government machinery to make effort to control this fire despite the fact that there were several species of wild life in this forest including one Tiger pair, a family of Leopard and several other animals, which were in danger. They said that uncounted plants and trees have been damaged due to the fire. Fire fighting department said that they were helpless as their fire fighting tenders have no access in the deep forest.

A big forest fire was witnessed yesterday around the Cant and Ram Kundi area. People came out along with the fire fighters to bring the fire under control. Fire ragged in the forest for a day and whole night damaging a number of pine trees and other plants. It was an established fact that some miscreants every year set forests around Nahan on fire for their selfish motives but during past one decade no effective steps were taken by the Police, Administration, Forest Department and Municipal Committee to stop this meanness, resultantly the forest cover around the town was continuously depleting.

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