Dharamshala: A lush green city in the foothills of heavenly Dhauladhar mountain range in Himachal

Dharamshala : A lush green city in the foothills of heavenly Dhauladhar mountain range, Dharmshala is not only famous as the home of Dalai Lama the Buddhist top saint but also popular for showers of rains. Dharamshala is also one of the biggest place for self realization for the lovers of Gita Veda & Vedanta teachings by word famous CHINMAYA mission.


After the north east, Dharamshala is the place in India which experiences the highest rain fall. In this city and on the surrounding hills one can feel the clouds below the waist height. The green Cedar trees motivate every nature lover, who comes to this dreamland. However this heaven is under threat of changing atmospheric doom. These summers not only the tourists, but also the local residents have felt the heat. The reason is amount of increasing temperature.Usually mercury keep bellow 30 degree Celsius in the peak summers in this city, but it is first time when temperature has jumped to danger level of 35 degree Celsius, with this those days are gone when stylish umbrellas & catchy rain coats were the identity of this area for all the seasons.

Mecleodganj the twin city is not as cool as it was earlier. The Triyund top, a three hour walk from Mecleodganj , is not favorite anymore among the visitors. Mountain tops are experiencing less snowfall. Therefore neither they are having that much whiteness nor rivers oozing out of Dhauladhar have rich water. Surrounding areas namely, Naddi, Sidhbari, Dari and Sakoh etc. are facing the same challenge. May it be global warming or something else (Felling of green trees in the Dhauladhar reportedly by the construction companies), but the rainy dreamland of Himachal Pradesh has changed to a nightmare from a beautiful dream.

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