Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev in Shimla

babaji.jpgShimla: Its good news for Yoga lovers that Yoga Guru Baba Ram Dev is coming to Shimla this week. Himachal Unit of the Patanjali Yoga Seva Smiti is organizing three days camp from 17th of May in Jathiya Devi, 8 kilometers away from the city. At least twenty thousand people are expected to attend the camp. DC Shimla, Mr. Tarun Kapoor said that all arrangement have been made with 60 security personnel on field. On the other hand 15 HRTC Buses are on duty for the camp from main bus stand to proposed site. The tickets for the camp are available in all branches of Punjab National Bank.

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  1. says: Satish Kumar Sharma

    I wish to request Shri Swami Ramdev jee to open a yoga university
    in Himachal Pradesh because the climate of himachal is suitable
    for Yoga.

    I think people and government must support it.

  2. says: reshma

    Namste guruji

    mera problem ye hai ke muje har 15 din me ek bar headache hota hai…..bad me muje vomit karani padati hai ………bad me muje achha lagata hai…….muje koi solution bataye… headache se thak gai hu….mera kam me koi man nahi lagata…..please help me…..

  3. says: Prasanta Sadhukhan

    Namste guruji
    my mother in law is suffering from breast cancer she was already operationed by the doctors of velore, beore operation they that it is a first stage case no chemo need after operation, but after operation they said that chemo is necessery. before operation I contact with you from ur contact us site but no reply from your side, guruji pls. save my mother’s in law life . in t.v. and from your website i know that many cancer patient is still alive without chemo, still no chemo apply to her boddy so pls. as soon as possible you suggest me how she shall live without chemo.
    thanking you

  4. says: Minnal Govender

    I need to get in contact with Sri Swami Ramdev Ji. Can anyone help with any contact details for his office, or any lead. It is very urgent and will be highly appreciated.

    Vannakkam, Namsteh

  5. says: wangmu tashi

    having a faith that my mama will be cured by ur yoga treatment as doctors says mama has stomach cancer and she is in last stage.and they are so hopeless bout my mama but m not i want her to be in ur ashram under yoga treatment bt i have no idea or any contact number…pls help me in gettin the address as soon as always be thankful

  6. says: leela Uniyal

    namaste Baba
    my hight is 5.2 i m female and my weight is 67 kg i want to reduce my weight and i doing yoga + and walk dely one hour and doing diting also but my weight not reduce
    please hlep me to reduce my weight

  7. says: ronnie

    I ronnie swamy from ahmednagar,located in Maharashtra my nieghbour have a problem of muscular dystrophy.He is 8 years old boy .we want your help to cure his disease.Doctors suggested that there is no treatment for his problem.and also said that he will survive only for 5 more years.As ramdev ji says that he has solutions for each and every problem we all can’t loose hope.we request you that we want that child to be treated and get well soon.we want to come in your ashram for the treatment of that child.
    we also called you on the given phone number but nobody received it.please do help us.

  8. says: mahendra

    namaste guruji
    meri age 25 saal hai me marreid hu shadi ko do saal poore ho chuke hai umra ke hisab se sharir nahi banta me wazan 50 kg hai peexhle 2 years se uske pehle me wazan 42 se leka 46 hi rehta tha to mujhe wazan badhane ka koi upaye bataye


  9. says: Sulekha

    Im Sulekha, 19 years old and Im a Margii. I practise yoga and meditation.
    Im a depression girl, but since I start do yoga, health is briliant.

    I close my eyes and I stay hypnotized for the fragrance of your sweet image. More beautiful than the starry sky, so real in any mirage.
    Your lips are a fountain when current rivers of passion are gushing. You add the infinite of the horizon. Exceeding the limit of the seduction.
    I fall in the vastness of your glance, preventing not to hide wishes. Exposing an invitation to love submerged in a sea of kisses. Your voice is a tone of poetry making feeling people donating life in your soft skin. You inspire me a vibrant love.

  10. Good evening gurudev ji,
    Actually, I have tonsilities problem and also acidity problem. These days I have feeling in the throat that something is stuck inside the throat. I consulted so many senior doctors of ENT and they gave me very strong medicines but I have no relief uptil now. I got throat swap test done in which klebisiella bacteria found isolated (bacterial infection as told by the doctor). Please advise what should I do to get rid of this problem. Gurudev ji I know that you have a very busy schedule but your valuable advise will certainly help me. I am doing yoga everyday in the morning for 1.30 hrs. Please advise me which pranayam is important. Hope you will certainly listen to my request and give the reply.
    Sanjeev Sharma

  11. says: roopa

    dear sir,
    my son has duchinae muscular dystrophy. he is six years old. we feel very bad. please suggest any medicine.

    1. says: sally

      There is a cure for muscular dystrophy.It is found that, with the start of medicine there is gradual improvement in the patients condition with tone and power in affected muscles. and with long term medicine patient can lead to normal life.
      many patients are under treatment with positive results and satisfied with the treatment.
      few cases have been cured but still taking medicines.

      e-mail: [email protected]
      contact: 91-9877039000

  12. says: kaushal karia

    I need to get in contact with Sri Swami Ramdev Ji. Can anyone help with any contact details for his office, or any lead. It is very urgent and will be highly appreciated.


  13. says: anita

    ramram dear swami i am a woman who need your help to see my way please let me know how can i get in contact whit you namaste

  14. respected baba ramdev,we need everybody healthy a poor country ,lac of knowledge &unawerness human beings are disable about physical,mental,social&spiritual health.i would like to say yoga with ayurvedic / herbal drugs can maintan above one and to fulfill it you are the only person who can provid to every people .
    i request you to open’ yaga&health conscious center’ each and every village those will be affilated in your university.
    with faith &regards ,

  15. says: Anisha

    Thanks Swami Ramdev!!! I just want to say THANK YOU for saving my life in so many different ways! I would love to go to India to see someday but I got the messege from far away anyway…
    Now I believe there is a different and a better way of live my life and it is all because of you.

    I own you my happiness!

  16. says: anuj

    Hello Sir,

    I love singing but i feel that i need some yoga exercises to get my throat clear. When i sing, i am not able sing it properly due to my nose and throat clearence. Please let me know about the things to be done in this regard.

  17. says: sumit kaur

    hello sir,
    m having problem of dark circles as well as weak eye sight…i need a solution of my problem….except yoga cz i dnt hai tym….nythng like any ayurvedic pack for dark circles and n smthng 4 my weak eye sight…i heard u on t.v tht 4 weak eye sight der is one exercise fill mouth wid water n den wash eyes properly wid water…so do u hv any other tips like dis with u…pls sir help me out…

  18. says: sunil josai

    namste gurujee.

    my name is Sunil josai.32 year i m at gujarath. I like to joine with you. I saw your program on tv.I m really proud of you. now i am decided I like to join with you.

    so pls informe me how can I joine your ashram.I wish to give all my energy for my country.

    please get me back.. and tell me how can I join with you.

    thank you

    I’m happy to waiting for your reply.

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