Bohal Talia culprits still at large

Even after expressing apprehension of another blood shed in Bohal Talia Panchyat in a memorandum submitted by the President and over fifty other women of the Panchyat to the S.D.M. Rajgarh just four days back, the culprits of May 2nd bloody incident were still at large.

Mahila members of the Panchyat area told that anti social elements who seriously injured three residents of Panchyat in a Panchyat meeting by attacking them with Lathis, Iron Rods and GI Pipes were away from the clutches of police even after nearly two weeks of the incident. People were sore over the police failure in this matter as they charge that culprits were roaming in the panchyat area and were creating chaos and fear among the public. They had already expressed in detail as how these elements were creating terror in the area after May 2nd incident. They must be arrested immediately to maintain peace in the area residents added.

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