A mad stray dog created panic in the Nahan town in the after noon today. Dog took a round almost half of the town and bite 25 persons who so ever came in the way.

The mad dog suddenly attacked school children at about 2.30 PM and went on biting every person or dog what so ever came to its contact. No body could control the rampage of the dog and number of persons bitten raised to 25 including 8 children and one Army person. Eye witnesses said that dog was very violent.

As per Chief Medical Officer Sirmour Dr. D. K. Oberoi 25 persons had reported in the district Hospital till late this evening with the injuries of Dog bites. He said that four persons with serious injuries on the different parts of their body had been referred to IGMC Shimla. He said that they required some special treatment and medicines which were not available here.

Eyewitnesses told this correspondent that mad dog had bitten over 18 dogs also in the town. They fear that in the coming days such horrible incidents may be repeated if the stray dogs of the town were not killed immediately by the authorities for the sake of safety of the residents of this town. They said that mad dog was big one in size and it was very difficult task to counter its violent attacks, it was the reason that some people who tried to save themselves were severely bitten. In the different parts of the town people counts over two hundreds stray dogs roaming in the streets of the town without any check. They said that these stray dogs had put a threat on the security of residents specially school children of the town.

When information reached in the office of Municipal Council Nahan a team of workers was dispatched to kill the dog but in vain. Municipal Council Executive Officer Mr. R. R. Sharma and Vice Chairman Avinash Gupta were also out with the MC team in the hunt of mad dog. Mr Sharma told this correspondent that mad dog was killed by some villager near Cantonment area late this evening which was buried by the Municipal workers. Mr. Sharma said that residents of the town had reported MC officials that there were a large number of stray dogs roaming in the town but Municipal Council had no power to kill these dogs. He said that MC was giving serious thought to this problem and some solution would come out shortly to come out of this problem.

Working as district correspondent with The Tribune & Danik Tribune in Sirmour.

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