Nitin Limaye of Art Of Living in Manali


Shri Nitin Limaye was in manali 4 days back for pre-inspections for upcoming
His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar tour to Manali in the month of May .Some Pictures of Nitin Ji Were taken at Manali Heights Resorts Manali.

Shri Nitin Limaye, a prominent disciple of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, was previously an engineer by profession. He had a successful corporate career for seven years before he started spreading Joy, Love and Celebration. Now, Shri Nitin is one of the key senior teachers and speakers with the international Art of Living Foundation, and has taught the Art of Living Course to thousands of students since 1993. In addition to teaching the Art of Living Course, Shri Nitin has also taught Art of Living courses at the most prestigious


universities in India to students and academic professionals, and numerous courses to corporate personnel.

Along with his teaching responsibilities, Shri Nitin has led the Art of Living’s 5-H Program. The 5-H Program (Health, Hygiene,

Homes for Homeless, Harmony & Diversity and Human Values) is a highly successful program that provides these five essentials of life to people living in rural India. Part of 5-H is the Youth Leadership Training Program that has adopted 12,000 villages in India to provide service in the rural communities.

Shri Nitin was invited as a representative to the Parliament of World Religions 1999 held in Capetown, South Africa and by the United Nations in 2000. Shri Nitin has been the keynote speaker at many national and international yoga and interfaith conferences to speak on Vedic principles, and has addressed numerous professional, medical, and business conferences in Europe, U.A.E., Nepal, and India.


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  1. says: Nimesh Vyas


    My Name is Nimesh Vyas, I am a friend of Nitin . For last many years , I am in US. I like to have Nitin’s email id.

    Please provide me necessary information.


    Nimesh vyas

    1. says: avinash

      hi nimesh

      y dont u contact anyone in art of living-gujarat or art of living india and ask for rishi nitya pragjya u will get his details
      or else best thing is come down to india and meet him

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