Himachal to hire a consultant to map the skill study of the youth of the state

According to a Himachal government press release, Himachal Cabinet today decided to undertake a comprehensive survey through mapping of existing skilled labour of the employable youth and the skill gap thereof and also approved the appointment of a consultant to map the skill study of the youth of Himachal Pradesh. It also approved consultant for preparation of Master Plan and Project Development for’ infrastructure in the Baddi-Barotiwala-Nalagarh Industrial Area.

A lot of young people are unemployed in Himachal or are doing below minimum wage level jobs due to lack of opportunities and also due to lack of required skills.
It would be interesting to see what background the consultant has or is it just a political gimmick. Time to time government has put up consultants who were not able to do much.

What is your say? Time to time we have discussed there are not enough job opportunities, but I feel there are less skilled people and that wont change in few years as quality technical institutes are not there or are in initial phase.

However those who are able to go out of state are also not coming back because salary levels are below compared to bigger cities. Whereas south India is offering excellent job opportunities in non skilled sector also but back in Himachal in recent year itself many call centre operations failed. Even Himachal companies operating them were duped by people from outside.

Is it lack of Himachal entrepreneur’s awareness or is it because they are not able to network properly. Or is it because government has not prepared any laws and plans to save interests of Himachal companies. How strong is Himachal business networking?

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  1. says: Avnish

    But Dhiren,

    How do we even reach to government/ Since last year we are putting huge efforts on this blog by brining news, tourism, jobs and skilled people who can guide and help government on pro bono basis but then it seems corruption is rampant that it is so hard for normal person to fight it as its harder to earn bread and butter.

    I wonder even a single official from HP state government comes here and replies. Afterall people taxes and then state is run, its not other way!

  2. says: Dhiren

    Problem is, HP government decides on the basis of bureaucrats, they blindly think bureaucrats are the Gods and they run and make decisions or they know the nerve of the people. But in reality, its public which sends politicians to lead, however after few years they forget about public and then at last moment they start making decisions which can pacify public. But I think this wont happen any more. Instead of this consultant, who will take enormous salary, government should have had opened low to mid level skill institutes when they were giving tax free licenses to industries. But at that time they never though that Industry also need labor and that too skilled labor. Himachal always churned out huge numbers of teaching graduates but never those many in industrial skilled class. This is nothing but total failure of policy makers for which they will pay the price.

  3. says: dr.o.p.singh

    members of “north himalayan environment protection and education society”are volunteerly willing to serve as consultants without any salaries. But there is a problem of contacting and making aware the bureaucrats and top brass concerned people.


  4. says: vineet sharma

    i have a great appreciation for such type of man like dr.o.p.singh who is always ready to help people of himachal.if such type of personality are comming forward,atleast cm of the state or my himachal group people should come forward to backup such ngo man.

  5. says: Dinesh Singh

    I mean how many societies are there in Himachal. All are vying for recognition. Better if all come under single platform and work in professional manner instead of working in smaller groups.

    Never understood why so many NGOs and why NGOs only. I dont think HP government needs so many! Why not private companies so that they show their work and get work done on competitive basis, its understandable that due to political clout its hard for any one to establish but then I don’t think its right to form 1000s of NGOs.

    Himachal divided in so many smaller NGOs, groups, political establishments! isn’t it divide and rule by our politicians.

    If people leave becoming heroes and instead make their country HERO, whole situation would be different. But praising one person and trying to get lead for single person kills the whole idea. Better to work together!

  6. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    At present, there exists no manpower planning in Himachal Pradesh, where the number of unemployed educated youth is increasing alarmingly. Most politicians have a common goal for entering into politics that we know right from Panchayat to higher levels. They are least bothered about the future planning and decides on policy matters on the basis of populism and the discussions with beurocrates who are generalists not specialists for any policy matter. Though the specialists are also involved sometimes but the high headed imperial designed beurocracy cannot permits anyone to override.

    Populism is democratic but is unscientific for better future planning. Instead of wasting money on higher education which is still imparting outdated courses, an honest effort must be made to to impart quality basic education which can benefit every section of the society upto rural areas. Focus should be to empower Himachali youth for the large national job market.

    Cabinet’s decision regarding mapping of skills though sounds nice but there is a little optimism among the people who know the functiong of government sector.

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