419 and Nigerian scams

For long I wanted to write about this. Although this is not related to Himachal as whole but affects people, many friends asked what all this is about.

Please read the HT story.

“The 419 scam is best known for the ubiquitous spam offering jobs or money in return for small advance payments that crowd everyone’s cell phones and computers. India is becoming increasingly entangled in this network. Besides becoming a target for 419 conmen, India is becoming a hub for 419 fraud activity in two other ways.”

One type of scam is when people call you to send money as you have won lottery and to release finds they need small payment, mostly its around $20-30. Next time they ask you to send more money. And it keeps on going.

The other type is mostly from Nigeria, where people would say they have an ink or material by which you can convert currency or wash it. Mostly they say they have US dollars which are black due to printing error and that ink would clean them. I was watching a program on ABC channel where an Indian doctor was duped for almost half of his wealth.

Then there is mail about lotteries, where you get daily mails on winning millions of Dollars. Again same thing, just delete the mail. Identity theft is big in US as everything is stored in Social security card and one can buy house to car using that. This would happen in India also, as if you reveal your details you might see credit cards offered in your name . Best advice-just delete the mail.

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