Riwalsar zoo will be closed, question on wild life management in Himachal

According to wild life sources, Central Zoo Authority (CZA), directed wild life department of Himachal to close the Riwalsar Zoo. It is a question mark on Wild life management & facilities in Himachal. Wild life authorities in Himachal failed to provide better facilities in Wild life sanctuaries & Zoos in Himachal.

Shri Renuka Ji Lion Safari is one of them where CZA is also not satisfied with the facilities provided to wild Animals.


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    Zoo closure: Fate of 80 animals uncertain
    Tribune News Service

    Riwalsar, February 5
    Fate of over 80 animals including 16 birds is uncertain as the Central Zoo Authority of India has ordered the closure of the Riwalsar zoo here, citing “poor management of the zoo as reasons” for its closure. But the forest department has yet to find suitable place for these animals or release them into wild habitats.

    The visitors are a disappointed lot over the move as the pilgrimage centre will lose this extra tourist attraction.

    The zoo presents a picture of neglect and mismanagement as wild animals are kept in the CG sheet shelters which heat up in summer and are cold in winter making the shelter inhospitable for bears, ‘sambar’, spotted deer, ‘ghoral’, and birds like geese and ‘kaleej’ pheasants kept in the zoo.

    Wildlife lovers and tourists who visit this pilgrimage centre known for Guru Padamsambhav monastery, Lord Shiva temple, Lomas Rishi caves and Guru Teg Bahadur gurdwara here every day are a disappointed to see poor management of the wildlife Department.

    Animals raise dust whenever those run across as zoo area has been eroded. Animals though look healthy, yet skin of ‘sambar’ has been withering as they sleep on the “wet or dirty surface”, revealed inquiries.

    Spread over 41 hectares since 1983, the zoo has been fenced from all sides and is home to 40 ‘sambars’, 16 spotted deer, five black bears, nine ‘kakar’(deer), seven ‘ghorals’ and two porcupines.

    Even the shelter for the birds presents a shabby picture. There are seven ‘kaleej’ pheasants, nine Indian gees in the zoo. In all, zoo animals consume 4.5 ‘quintals’ of food stuff every month, informed the field staff.

    The fence raised to house lions has collapsed. Even monkey menace is a problem in the zoo.

    Visitors and pilgrims rued that the Central Zoo authority instead of closing it down should upgrade and maintain it properly as the zoo is an extra attraction to sacred Riwalsar lake known for fish life in the lake.

    Chief Wildlife Warden Vinay Tandon said the department was trying to find a place for the animals. The animals will be shifted when a suitable place was found, he added.

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