No more telegrams in Himachal Pradesh

The state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has finally decided to stop telegram services in almost all centres across Himachal Pradesh, with the coming of newer communication technologies like emails, mobile phones and fax.

A recent letter from BSNL to the postal department said that telegram services would soon not be available in the state except in 39 post offices.

‘Telegram services will only be provided in those places where it is needed and stopped at most other places,’ said A.V. Chatturvedi, deputy general manager of BSNL.

But the postal department, which runs around 2,700 post offices across the hill state, wants to continue with the services at its centres.

‘BSNL has decided to stop the telegram services at our post offices even though we would still be happy to jointly provide this service at our centres,’ said Vijay Kumar Nayar, chief postmaster general, Himachal Pradesh.

Though mobile connectivity has spread rapidly across the state, where around 90 percent of the hill folk live in the countryside, many villagers still depend on telegram services.

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