Special education: wrong beliefs about sign language.

asl.gifPeople believe sign language is the same all over the world. This is wrong each country has its own sign language with its own vocabulary & grammar. Deaf people from different countries cannot easily understand each other’s sign language. If a hearing person learns sign language in one country, he cannot easily understand a sign language from another country. Even within one county like India, sign language very from one region to another region.

People also have a wrong belief that sign language is not a complete language. Sign languages are complete languages. Anything expressed in spoken languages can be expresses in sign languages as well. It is also not true that sign languages have no grammar. All sign languages have complex and difficult grammars.

The deaf community in India and neighboring countries is very large, much larger than in any other country. The all India Federation of Deaf estimates that there are about 4 million deaf people in India. Deaf people who live in villages usually do not have access to sign language.

Learning sign language you can be great help in your region. If you are interested in sign language please contact sign language cell at Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for Hearing Handicapped or mail: [email protected]


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